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Practical Completion Inspection

Building a house, unit or townhouse can be stressful enough, without purchasing a property that is affected by significate defects which may not be noticeable to an untrained person. You can have confidence with Above Board Inspections as we have experience in undertaking Practical completion building inspections.

Under the domestic Building Contract Act, before the builder can demand any completion payment, they must ensure that all work has been completed by themselves and all contracted  work has also  been completed in accordance with all relevant standards. This inspection is very important  as any minor defects or omissions will be documented in our report.th5L8SH7LL

The builder and all relevant contractors are required to make sure any defects or omissions which have been discovered in our final report, be amended prior to handover.

The practical/handover stage is reached when the building under construction is basically ready for handover, including: full electrical fit-out, full plumbing fit-out, all tiling fully completed, shower screen fitted, final fitting and fixtures installed ( towel rails, TP holders, door stoppers, catches, ect ) ceiling insulation, internal paint work, appliances and white goods, pergola’s, fences, external concrete or pavements, rain water tank, finishing of retaining wall/s, landscaping, site drainage, letter box, external paintwork, carpets, blinds, all items connected and operational, all within the confines of the contract agreement. only after these stages have been reached is the building ready for a Practical completion inspection.

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