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Purchasing a property whether it be your dream home or for an investment, is one of the biggest steps in life and getting a home inspection done by a professional property inspector is a vital step towards protecting yourself.

Home Inspection in Melbourne

Over the years, we at Above Board have helped many Australians and have saved them many nights of stress and thousands of dollars. At this day and age, it really is not wise to buy or build a new property without a home inspection by a property inspector first, find out exactly what you are buying into, make certain you are not moving into any nasty surprises. Aside from being made aware of any major structural defects or minor maintenance issues and repair needs, the building inspection report obtained by a qualified property inspector will also highlight the assets and positive elements of the property. All of our building inspections comply with Australian standard AS 4349.1-2007.

Professional Melbourne-based Building and Pest Inspections

We are a leading pre-purchase, building, pest and new home construction inspectors in Melbourne and Victoria. We strive to bring knowledge, experience and a professional approach in dealing with your most valuable asset: your home.

Here at Above Board Building Inspections we offer fast and detailed inspections with guaranteed same day reports, which means you will receive the best service and reports at competitive prices. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to make an informed decision in regards to your future property based on facts not emotions.

During our building and pest inspections, various types of equipment may be utilized to further assist us in investigating deficiencies or defects. Some of the equipment used during an inspection may include our thermal imaging camera, moisture meter, probes, pressure application, tapping, measurement, and levels.

Above Board inspections offers a complete range of professional building and pest inspection services, catering for all your needs. Whether it be an inspection for your dream home, investment property, rental property, renovation and extension works, or a new home construction inspection in or around Melbourne we have you covered with our fast service and guaranteed same day report. 

All of our services are
100% customer satisfaction

Above Board is one of the few companies to use the upgraded technology thermal imaging cameras in our building and pest inspections.

This technology can assist in detecting termite activity and other building defects in areas that may not be visible with the naked eye, therefore providing a much more accurate and thorough inspection.

Some of the areas it will assist us in are with termite detection, water leakage, dampness and missing insulation.



  • We are highly qualified
  • We have Professional Indemnity insurance
  • We use thermal imaging cameras
  • We are completely independent property inspectors
  • All work is fully assured and guaranteed
  • Fast and reliable home inspection services
  • Guarantee same day reports
  • Diploma of Building Surveying
  • Cert IV - Building Construction
  • Cert IV - Occupational Health & Safety
  • Qualified Timber Pest Inspector

Your Property Inspector

It is vital when hiring an inspection company to ensure you will receive the right information and a report that is easy to read and understand. We will spend the time with you on site and/or over the phone to explain important observations to ensure you know where you stand and exactly what you are buying.

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