New Home Inspections Melbourne


For most people, their home represents a large investment; that’s why it’s important to ensure that every phase of construction is carefully inspected by a New Home Inspections Melbourne expert. Above Board Building & Pest Inspections is a reputed and well-established company that has made its mark by providing a consistently high level of service, for more than 30 years now.

New Home Inspections Melbourne




People that are planning to invest in existing property, want to be sure that it is free of pests and that it’s structurally sound too. Not many are aware that it’s equally important to get New Home Inspections Melbourne as well. These are very detailed inspections and are typically conducted in 4 phases when the construction is underway. We adopt a very methodical approach to this work.


The Phases of a New Home Inspection Are

#1.Slab Inspection

This is done at the time the concrete is being poured into the foundation. We inspect  all the elements in the structure such as the vapour barriers, void formers, perimeter boxing; the things we look out for are any omissions or poor building practices; and we ensure that all the work is being done in accordance with the Australian Standards.

#2. Frame Inspection

This check is conducted after the frame has been installed. We check the concrete slab for any odd protrusions along the perimeter. Our experts also inspect all the floor level on every storey.  In addition, the build structure and roof truss installation will be checked to see whether the construction has taken place according to the approved engineering design.

#3. Lockup Inspection

This check is conducted before the wall and ceiling plastering phase. The New Home Inspections in Melbourne expert from our company will carry out a site visit after the HVAC contractors, plumbers and electricians etc. have wrapped up their work. In case any modifications/alterations have been conducted, they will be made note of in this inspection.

#4. Handover Inspection

In Australia, it’s a legal requirement as per the Domestic Building Contract Act, that the Builder has to make sure that every single job has been completed, and that the contracted work is also complete in accordance with the existing standards. In many ways, this becomes a crucial part of the New Home Inspections in Melbourne. Our experts will make note of omissions or even any minor defect and will complete the Building Inspections Report.


This is a highly specialised job and it’s important that you hire the services of a company that has extensive experience in the field. For any more information about our New Home Inspections in Melbourne, speak with the experts at Above Board Building & Pest Inspections at this number- 0429 335 404.

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